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Improving the Security of
Web 3.0

Stela Labs has audited multiple projects in the Web 3.0 space, and is focused on being a part of and creating the decentralized and technology driven future.

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Web 3.0
Security and Development

Security Auditing and Engineering

Web 3.0 infrastructure security

Our Security auditors have secured multiple blockchain based protocols that now have substantial TVLs. Our team are experts in the review of Web 3.0 applications, contracts, and infrastructures, with a deep focus on the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems.

Software Engineering

Innovative development methodology

We take a hands on approach and build projects from the top down - designing and developing smart contracts, frontends, corporate identities, and tokeneconomics.

Research and development

with latest developments

Our team reviews and develops projects with the latest innovations in mind, keeping an ear to the industry, and what’s to come.

Blockchain Security

Our main focus is software assurance - protecting decentralized protocols from malfeasance through the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities.

Substrate-Based Projects

With the Polkadot ecosystem growing rapidly, our team has identified the need for an expertise in the review of substrate based projects.

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stela labs ethereum smart contract polkadot

Ethereum Smart
Contract Review

We audit Ethereum smart contracts for a variety of protocols. This includes penetration testing, security reviews, security audit reports, and recommendation generation prior to the launch of a project. We also offer continued reviews to projects seeking continued reviews.

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Layer 2

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Our Review Process

Our reviewers work with your team to identify and rectify vulnerabilities.

Develop and deploy custom tests for the project

We will develop tests that encourage best practices, particularly for smart contracts. We will employ automated and manual testing

stela labs review process develop deploy projects

Analysis and review 

Work with engineering teams to take a non-biased approach to reviewing, with specific attention to actions malevolent actors can take for the misuse of the platform.

stela labs analysis review projects

Recommendation, implementation, and report generation

The result of the review is a report that identifies vulnerabilities and suggests steps for rectifying them. We will work with engineering teams to implement these solutions, and provide a finalized report, highlighting fixes that were made throughout our review process.

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What is the review process like?

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Contact us if you'd like more details.

What other chains other than ethereum and polkadot do you review?

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We have resources to review popular smart contracting technologies and infrastructure. More niche technologies in Web 3.0 require additional resources than other projects, but are also within our purview.

What is your availability?

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Contact us if you'd like more details.

Do you also offer workshop / 1-2 day reviews?

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Yes, your team can work with us for 1-2 days to review any codebase you'd like.

Risk Mitigation Process

Our auditing process takes the niche of identification of security threats and robust software development processes to help improve the security of innovative projects in the Web 3.0 Space.

stela labs venture building


Develop a specification of what we see as the most opportune projects for the market at the time of development.


Organize a series of milestones that correspond to sprints, covering all aspects of technical infrastructure development from the specification - such as Frontend, Contract design, module development, API integration, etc.

stela labs project management


Side-by-side security auditing and penetration testing, for culmination of full reviews at the close of each sprint.

stela labs testing


With engineering teams after review, and formal verification process.

stela labs deployment


With marketing teams to develop attention to the platform, and community engagement.

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Research and Development

Research and Development is a core cornerstone of Stela Labs. Our ability to identify niches in the market is due to R&D efforts. We continue to develop open-source libraries in the following sectors:

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stela labs amms


stela labs stablecoin model

Stablecoin Models

stela labs liquidity mining

Liquidity Mining